Assembly Guide


There are three parts to Trellis: a frame, an edge and a cap.  Each frame and edge is engraved with an ‘A’ and ‘B’ and the frame is the fundamental element used to build your rack; the edges are applied once the frames are assembled and the caps strengthen the rack and finish it off cosmetically.  Please refer to the picture at every step for easy assembly. 


To begin building your wine rack hold two frames together – in every case A lines up with A and B lines up with B.  This brings the click-lock clasps in line with each other.


Rotate the pieces toward each other 90 degrees until the clasps snap together, then squeeze the frames together to ensure a good strong connection.


Once you have completed steps 1 to 3 you will have an L shape. 


Keep building L shapes in a row, one for every horizontal bottle recess, then insert the frames at the top of every second recess.


You now have a connected row of squares.  As you build, keep checking that each piece is securely connected to its counterpart with no gaps.


Drop more frames into the empty spaces at the top of your row, remembering to line A to A and B to B.


You have now completed the base row of your rack, continue to make more L shapes in preparation for the next row.


As you continue to build your rack, make note of where you want the wallmounts (a frame with a moulded islet to bolt to your wall) so you can space them in an appropriate manner to ensure the wine rack is safely bolted to your wall.


When you have the required number of bottle recesses, finish off with edge trims and add the caps to each end of the row.  If, at a later stage, you wish to alter the shape of your Trellis wine rack the caps can be carefully removed using a thin blade.


You have now completed your Trellis wine rack.  The example on the left holds 20 bottles (using the very top row) and you can add to it at any time as your wine collection grows.  Great work!